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If someone is a criminal (?) or have been arrested for a DUI,

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If someone is a criminal (?) or have been arrested for a DUI, can and where can you access records to prove that this is true?

The only way you will be able to reliably find out someone's criminal records is to access the state or national data base. Unfortunately, however, unless you are in litigation and a judge has signed a subpoena for someone else's criminal records, the only ones you are entitled to order are your own. While some criminal background may be public information and searchable via public records websites, much is not.

Commercial background searchers are frequently inaccurate because they rely only on the public record which is often wrong. THe police can run a check and private investigators would be able to get this done. If you have a friend who is a police officer, he might do you a favor. You would have to hire the public investigator, however.

If you know what state the crime likely took place in, you can Google the name of the state with "public criminal records," [ for example, "New York Public Criminal Records."], and you will get the sites where the state makes some of its records available. They may or may not be free. That will vary with the state.

Good luck!

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