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FranL,If I have already paid the money up front (ignoring

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re: (your previous response to another in a similar situation)
"My Consumer Home Services ( in South Jordan, Utah, it is a likely scam. Their website registration information indicates that the business has only been on the web since March 21st. So it's a little more than 2 months old. Generally when it comes to unsolicited calls, emails and phone calls, the younger the business, the greater the chance of fraud. In an industry where fraud is rampant, you want a track record of success, and not some canned testimonials on a 2-month old website.

My Consumer Services is unknown to the BBB. It is also not on the Utah Secretary of State's corporate registry where a legitimate company doing business in Utah would be listed.

So really, there just doesn't seem to be any reason to go further. There's nothing out there about them. Nothing at all. And nothing is likely what you would get out of any contract with them.

I would avoid them.

FranL, If I have already paid the money up front (ignoring the red flags in my mind) then do I have any recourse but to wave goodbye to my money? Thank you.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

If they absolutely won't budge when you tell them that you have already got an accountant and you don't need a tax audit, or words to that effect, then you can try the consumer protection agencies, and see if that will help you. The Better Business Bureau, for example can actually intercede in your dispute and mediate a solution, if the business is willing to work with them. Sometimes they are not, but BBB disapproval can hurt a business, and so many times they will let them mediate, which can resolve your problem

From there, you can contact your state Attorney General's Office and file a consumer complaint against them and file another one with the State Atttorney General's Office in the state where the business is located. After that, you want to file another with the Federal Trade Commission. Neither of these government agencies are going to do anything directly to help you. They are regulatory agencies, however. When the number of complaints against a business puts a business on their radar screen, they will step in and investigate. If the business's practices and ethics are substandard and customers are getting defrauded, they will take the company to court and assess very high fines and sanctions. The money they receive gets distributed to the people who were defrauded. So even though nothing might happen immediately, or at all, it's still a good idea to get on their lists.

If you feel they didn't honor their contract or that they committed fraud, you can also hire a lawyer and sue them for the return of your money -- very expensive given what you have to gain, or take them to small claims court where you don't need a lawyer.

Those are your remedies. If you have to kiss the money goodbye, it's also possibly a tax write off, but you should double check that as it's not in my area.
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