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15thkid, Criminal Defense
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Hello...I hope you can give me some advice to help my grandson

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Hello...I hope you can give me some advice to help my grandson Jamie. Recently he and his twin brother Liam were living in a rented 3 bedroom house with their sister and her partner and nine month old baby, however, the situation no longer suits his sister and partner. Over a period of weeks the atmosphere become strained in the house and the sister and partners' behaviour towards the boys had made matters very difficult.The lease for the rented property was split between 3 (the sister, her partner and my grandsons twin brother Liam). Liam pays £500 towards the £595 rent, the water rates, and an equal portion for the Virgin TV.

The sister approached the landlord, unbeknown to Jamie and Liam, and requested the lease (due for renewal end of August) to be assigned to her and her partner only and Liam to be excluded. The landlord agreed!

Liam was informed and needless to say was not happy. He approached the landlord himself (who lives next door) and was told that had he (Liam) requested the lease for himself first, he would have granted it to Liam. This in itself seemed a strange answer but Liam being a very quiet 19 year old thought he had no option but to accept it.

Liam confronted his sister and partner who became verbally aggressive towards him and this took place in front of two friends of his sister and partner. Jamie arrived in the middle of the dispute, was told that he too had to leave. His sisters partner, who has an aggressive nature, went towards Liam verbally abusing him when Jamie reacted instictively to protect Liam and hit his sisters partner in the face.
The police were called and their parents, the twins left with the parents after collecting a few belongings. The policeman said it was basically provocation on the sisters part and left without any further action, saying he thought the parents were best to sort it out.
The family were informed that the partner had a broken nose and needed hospital treatment. Jamie is remorseful for hitting him, he has never hit anyone before, is a law abiding citizen, and is known for being quiet natured.

Yesterday Jamie received a text from the policeman requesting him to arrange an interview to make a statement as the partner was pressing charges and had made a statement to the police. Jamie replied to the text and is waiting to hear when the interview will take place. Jamie is currently unemployed.

The family are shocked and very worried. Can you offer any advice: ie
Should Jamie get a solicitor before making the statement?
Speak to a Solicitor on the telephone before making a statement?
Is this likely to go to Court?
If it goes to Court is he likely to go to prison, do community service, be fined heavily, have an order put in place, have a criminal record, or any other judgement.

I should mention that in the past the partner has freely spoken on occassions of ways to pursue charges to make substantial claims. Quoting that if the person charged has no means of paying, the Government will pay up, as he puts it. We find the whole matter rather suspect.

I am confident you will have some positive advice to offer and look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

15thkid :

Good morning. First, I am a lawyer in the U.S. and am not familiar with UK procedures. You may want to also ask your question of a UK expert. I would definitely talk to a solicitor BEFORE any communication with the police. The police are, for the most part, gathering evidence against your Grandson. Given his complete lack of a prior criminal history, I would think that jail/prison would be very unlikely. It certainly would be here. But the extent of the injuries are a large factor.

15thkid :

I will make some more general comments, and I apologize if they are too direct and not good news. I don't think this business of the victim talking about how to use criminal charges to make money will help. He suffered a broken nose and went to the hospital; these charges are not made-up in any way. I think police and judges would see that as blaming the victim. Also, this doesn't sound like self-defense - but that needs to be explored for sure. Verbal abuse can not be met with brute force. Now the "went towards" might be of interest, but sounds like not enough to warrant the response. The good news is your Grandson's genuine remorse. That may go a long way here, perhaps along with payment of victim's medical bills. But the most important thing is to talk to a solicitor now.


Thank you for the constructive advice which will be followed through by contacting a solicitor first hand. Incidentally, there are no medical fees as we fortunate enough to have the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. However, I understand the principal you were making. My grandson has suggested writing a letter of apology, although he has already verbally apologized. Perhaps he can speak with his solicitor on this before he does anything.


I will keep in touch as matters progress, and thank you again for a positive fast response.

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