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We live on a Military base. My husband called paramedics bc

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We live on a Military base. My husband called paramedics bc I was unresponsive and I have seizure disorder. The MP's came also. Some of my meds were out on the counter, not in bottles bc I usually keep them put up in a jewerly box in my room. I also had a bottle of my Dad's Klonazapan (sp?) long story. The MP's searched my house and found where I had my other pain meds in a jewerly box,not in bottle. I showed them prescriptions etc .. but they still handcuffed and took me to CID ..cont.
Thanks for the chance to assist on this matter. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience in criminal law.

I understand the you have a specific question?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What can they charge me with..? They said they were turning over the evidence and my statement to Legal and it would be decided. They already finger printed me. I had my print outs showing I prescriptions for all the meds.. just not bottles. When I would get down to 2-3 I just put them all together .I keep some meds upstairs hidden so I dont have to go downstairs at night to get it. and keep other downstairs. All of this was in my home. I did have a bottle of my Dads medicine b/c he just got done detoxing off of it and I didnt want him taking it. I had the bottle and I found some loose in his pockets .. They investigator tried to get me to sign a statement saying that I admitted I 'took' my Dads medicine. I made him change it to I took the bottle.. b/c i did not actually "take' a pill. My dad has said No charges on his behalf .. he is pissed they handcuffed and took me to the CID station, I ended up having a seizure and being transported to the ER. I have never been in trouble before, and Im the mother of 3. This is not like a city or county police dept. it is called CID , i guess its like federal.
Thank you

If you are on a military base then you fall under federal jurisdiction

CID will forward the report to the AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) for the district in which the base is located.

The AUSA has the power to prosecute the case in federal court.

What you describe sounds like they may charge illegal possession of a controlled substance. If you have prescription drugs and do not have a valid prescription for them, that can be prosecuted, either as a misdemeanor or as a felony

Now the way you describe this, if you were not keeping the drugs for yourself but merely holding them so your father was not able to abuse them? That would not be a crime.

So if that is the case, I would expect your attorney could dispose of the charges quickly, hopefully without even going to trial.

But you will need a lawyer for this if they wind up charging you.

You will know if they charge you...they would mail you a summons to appear in federal court. IF that happens you may want to hire a lawyer to assist you with this
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks so much ..
Welcome. Best of luck with this mess