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in texas if you are a felon pulled over for ONLY speeding,

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in texas if you are a felon pulled over for ONLY speeding, no pot smell or open container, can the officer search the vehicle

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Just because you are a felon? No. Normally, a warrant would be required to search a vehicle, but there are some exceptions.

1. If the police have probable cause that the car contains something illegal like a prohibited weapon or drugs, then they may search the car. Or if the police have probable cause that the car contains the tools used to commit a crime or the proceeds or evidence of a crime, then they may search the car.

Under this part of the exception, the officer can only search the part of the car where what he is looking for may be found.So if a police officer pulls a driver over for speeding and smells marijuana, he may search the entire car for the drug, including any containers like cups or purses. But if the officer thinks you have a rocket launcher in your car, he couldn't search in the glove box for it, because it wouldn't fit, obviously.

2. If an officer makes a lawful arrest of the driver of the car, he may make a warrantless search of the passenger compartment of the car. This search includes the glove compartment but not the trunk.

3. If you consent to the search, police may always search.


4, I don't know if you're on probation or not. Sometimes, a person may have as a condition of probation that they must consent to police searches at any time, anywhere.

If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, i'll leave it at this then I'll be 200% satisfied. If i'm pulled over for speeding while on active parole without any stipulations to always consent to searches or what not and am absolutely in the clear, so far as no obvious reason to search other than purely my record, then there can be no search, as long as i politely refuse his request to search with my permission. Right?
Thanks for your time and info.
Corect. And if they should search anyway, without probable cause or meeting some other exception, and find something for which you are charged, your lawyer could immediately move to supress the evidence for an unlawful search.
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