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How to get a felony off your record in Illinois

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How to get a felony off your record in Illinois
Hello Jacustomer,

States are all strict about what offenses they will allow to be removed from a criminal record. In fact, some do not expunge offenses at all. While Illinois does, unfortunately it will expunge an adult conviction only if it has first been pardoned by the governor. (See link for laws of your state).

Pardons are not easy to get, but as you can apply for one yourself without needing an attorney, and as it's also all you can do unless Illinois changes its law, it's worth giving it a try. Here's a link to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board.which does the screening for the governor. If you click on the for Executive Clemency you can find the application form. Should you succeed in getting the pardon, the first link will give you instructions on how to apply for an expungement.

Good luck!
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