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RobertJDFL, As sex roles become more homogeneous, do you

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As sex roles become more homogeneous, do you believe female delinquency will become identical to male delinqency in rate and type? Why or why not?

Are lower-class girls more strictly supervised than upper- or middle-class girls? Why or why not?

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No, I don't think you will, because historically, the crimes men and women commit are largely different. Men as a whole commit much more violent crimes -a lot more murder, a lot more assaults, bank robbery, sex crimes, etc.


The female population tends to be incarcerated for crimes often involving things like drug use/abuse, DUIs, and white collar crimes -fraud/embezelment. It's not that you don't see females in prison for bank robbery, murders, assaults, and even rape and sexual assaults, you do, but in far lower numbers. I don't see the female criminal element making a "push" to be equal to their male counterparts in terms of types of criminal activity.


I think when it comes to supervision, it's impossible to make a blanket statement that one group is more strictly supervised than the other. It all comes down to parenting. On the one hand, you may have a lower-class girl who lives in a single parent home whose parent is gone working three jobs, so the child involves themself in trouble. And on the other hand, you might have a lower class child whose parents are strict with them in an effort to make sure they succeed and become something better than what they, her parents, are.


You could have an upper/middle class girl whose parents are also never around who push the child off on a nanny, for example, causing the child to rebel or act out as a means of getting attention -similar to what the lower class girl is doing, even though they come from different environment. And conversely, you can have an upper/middle class girl who is afforded every opportunity whose parents are very active in her life who are strict and set rules and boundaries and do everything they can for that child to succeed.


It's not what class you are - it's upbringing.

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