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How far can I go when I chose exercise my rights under the

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How far can I go when I chose exercise my rights under the Constitution in order to protect my property and property interest?

I am aware that someone has been using my personal home address for DMV purposes which I have not agreed to. In fact, advised them that they need to remove thier vehicle registration, license and any other DMV matter to thier own address or at least, separate and apart from my property. The continued use of my property through documentation has caused me a great deal of stress, frustration and fear of having my home at risk should anything occurs and my home becomes attached. Do I have a right to establish and create ample evidence by capturing thier vechicle license plates? They responded that I am harrassing them and that I better not be seen following them. The police and DMV has no interest and I want to get this issue to court for an order to have them stop. So, my question is how far can I go in order to protect my property, absent of violence of course. Thank you Hampshire
You would have the right to investigate and accumulate proof of some form of identity theft or irregularities. If they get a court order against you then you would, of course, have to obey the court order. You also couldn't break any laws, again of course, such as breaking into their home, etc. but as long as you are obeying the law then you can accumulate evidence.

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