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A mafia family in New York is busted by the FBI for running

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A mafia family in New York is busted by the FBI for running a drug ring.
Family controlled the sale of heroin and cocaine and enforced their control through the use of threats and violence. What category(s) of crime best fits the indictment ?

A) violent
B) property
C) public order
D) Organized crime

E) violent and property
F) property and violent order
G) public order and organized crime
H) violent, property, public order, organized crime

TexCrimLawyer, J.D. :


TexCrimLawyer, J.D. :

Typically, drug use is considered a "public order" crime since it interferes with the operations of society and the ability of people to function efficiently.

TexCrimLawyer, J.D. :

Clearly, mafia activity is the traditional example of organized crime. The Organized Crime Control Act defines organized crime as: "The unlawful activities of [...] a highly organized, disciplined association [...]." The mafia is known for its top-down structure and orginization, with bosses, captains, and street level people.

TexCrimLawyer, J.D. :

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