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what is the penalty of theft of $48k and transferred to an

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what is the penalty of theft of $48k and transferred to an account in Tx and on top of it another $82k from my fathers safe (it was my brother in a nursing home winnings from an accident settlement. Also my brother was starved to death to get to the money my sister distributed the $48k among my 4 brothers after my brothers death ($48k) and on top of it took the $82k and claimed it was hers since my brother did not have a livng will. what charges should be filed?

I have the serial numbers for all of the bills stolen and denominations...
Hello Jacustomer,

Theft in an amount over $10,000 in Wisconsin is a Class G felony. A class G felony has a maximum of 10 years of prison and/or a fine of up to $25,000. Here is the statute that lays it out for you. See Wisconsin 943.20
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what if the amount was distributed as hush money to the 4 brothers what would happen to them or could i help them get reduced charges they did agree that my brothers life should end with starvation is this murder they premeditated it I did give them 1 month to change their mind the $48 AND $82K WAS MOVED FROM wi. TO TX. IN THE SAME MONTH

I am very sorry for the delay, but I was finishiing another answer, and it took a bit longer than I expected.

You've got a lot of things going on here -- everything from theft to a conspiracy to commit murder and the neglect issues involving your brother. If you are interested in having the case prosecuted, you would have to report the offenses to the police and show them the evidence that you have. You need the police where the crime took place, so that would be the state where the accounts were and where your brother was.

If they agree with you that this matter should be prosecuted, they will turn their file over to the prosecutor who will file criminal charges. Once that happens, this is not your case any more. It belongs to the state of Wisconsin and the prosecutor gets to call it as he sees it. That is, he, and not you, get to decide what crimes your evidence makes out. And he and not you get to decide how aggressively he prosecutes.

You are not going to get to help your family in this. It will be expected you help the prosecutor. If you're not looking to go that far, then you would be better off not reporting it. If the evidence is as serious as it sounds like it may be -- not the theft, which is only money -- but the deliberate planning to take a life (assuming they put this into operation) -- they are likely looking a years of prison.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what about the two probate lawyers they knew the whole story and i quote both of them "they (my siblings) did nothing wrong what recourse should I take with them in regards to probate they have been very hostile can I take them to court and sue them to cease and desist?

That's a civil matter, and unfortunately, that's not my specialty. If they failed to discharge their responsibilities satisfactorily you may have legal recourse but you'd have to sit down with someone who knows estate law and scope that out. You might want to post the question separately in our Estate Law section where they would know more about the obligations of probate lawyers.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i will thank you!
Thank YOU, and good luck!

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