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Zoey_ JD
Zoey_ JD, JustAnswer Criminal Law Mentor
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Admitted to NYS Criminal defense bar in 1989. Extensive arraignment, hearing, trial experience.
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hi i hope you know my story by now. if not please let me know

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hi i hope you know my story by now. if not please let me know i will type it again for you.
i contacted a lawyer today on recommendation of my boss. i left a message for him in the morning.after about an hour i received a call from another person who said that the layer i am looking for is on vacation in italy and that he has asked him to take care of me . he said he is also a lawyer who works from the same office.
i met him at 1:00pm and explained all the story, he was very confident that he will get me the dismissal on my case from the court on 6th.
he also asked me to keep my cell phone on. and that he will call me if i need to appear in court. he said i don't need to be present on the court day & that he will handle everything all by himself.
i paid him his fee and said thanks and came home relieved.
but suddenly i realized that he didn't ask me to sign any thing . we didn't sign any contract. i thought of calling him but on his card he has only office phone no.
i know i should have thought about it earlier but i was so disturbed that it didnt strike me there.

please advise me is it all normal.
can he represent me without i signing a contract with him?
will it be ok if i don't appear in court as per his advise?

The lawyer quoted you a price and you have already paid him a fee for his services. So unless he is an out and out scammer, you have representation. Typically when lawyers get sick or take vacations, associates from the office or colleagues step in to get the work done so that they don't lose clients (or cases) while they are away.

You can verify the background of the lawyer with the state licensing agency. Here's the link, so that you do not have to publish his name on the web. If he's been in trouble with the state bar, it will appear here. If not, then he's had no proceedings against him. You can call him Monday and ask about a contract if you would feel more secure having it in writing.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks for answering

so what i understand that eventhough we dont have any written contract between us , a lawyer can still represent us in court.

also will it be ok to not to go to court on the court date as per his advise?

You have a verbal contract and you paid him his fee. According to Connecticut's canon of Ethics, he need not provide you with a written fee breakdown. It is not required. But as I already said to you, if it makes you nervous, just call him on Monday and ask him for one.

If he has told you that you do not have to appear for your court date, then you should be able to rely on that. Again, if it makes you nervous, (and of course, I understand why it would) when you call him on Monday, tell him you prefer to be there.
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