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JB Umphrey
JB Umphrey, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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Please let me ask the same question and clarification as before,

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Please let me ask the same question and clarification as before, but with the additional information that the handcuffed prisoner is wearing an unmarked orange jumpsuit and leg irons. Here's what I asked and clarified before:
Is it legal in Nevada to have a man in my car in handcuffs -- voluntarily -- while driving on public roads and highways? The man is not under arrest. The transport is just for the fun of it. Same question then, for California.
Clarification as requested:
Thank you for requesting clarification. Here it is:

1. Is he an adult? Yes

2. Is he consenting to this? Yes

3. Is he under the influence of drugs or alcohol? No

4. Is he mentally stable? Yes

A further question might be whether his handcuffs are visible from outside the car, just looking through the window. I usually have the handcuffs covered with a towel just to prevent or avoid the charge of public display. Of course, if a law officer stops me, orders us out of the car, the towel will fall away and reveal the handcuffs.

Answer you sent: The facts that you describe are legal. It's not illegal to use handcuffs in such a fashion (even if the officer does see it). This is true in every state.
Hi and thank you for using JustAnswer!

The facts that you describe are legal. However, if all of this is displayed for the public to see, I can guarantee you that other drivers are going to call 911 thinking that there's a prison escape and the police will not be polite.
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