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In Pennsylvania, if a "first time" offender for retail theft(F3),

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In Pennsylvania, if a "first time" offender for retail theft(F3), retail theft(M1), conspiracy-retail theft(F3) & receiving stolen property(F3)(all told about $3800) is granted 18 months probation and a fine in an ARD hearing, what would happen if they get charged and convicted of simple assault(M2) and harassment(S) during the probation period? Will the probation be rescinded? Will they then face jail time and if so, how much time?

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If a person picks up new criminal charges while being on probation, they would likely be terminated from the program and not have a chance for its benefits. Since they were on probation at the time, they would also have violated their probation by picking up new charges. As such, they will have to answer to the new charges as well as the VOP. As such, the court could decide to revoke the probation and place them in jail or they may take them out of the program and give them a lengthy probation with additional terms, conditions and fines, which they would need to satisfy. Alot depend on the facts of the new case and the prosecutor assigned to it.

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