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State of Illinois, juvenile sexual assualt on his half sister

Resolved Question:

State of Illinois, juvenile sexual assualt on his half sister at age 2, he was 14, reported by his mother, who is a school principal, did his probation and counceling, but has to report his address. Moved into an apartment and did not report change of address within the 3 day period.

On another count, he was arrested for felony theft at a Walmart job where he signed a statement that he stole $1,700. He posted bail on that charge and was about to go before judge on this Wednesday when they arrested him for not reporting his address change.
The theft charge is his first charge as an adult.
What are his best options?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 5 years ago.

His best option is to get a lawyer, which it sounds like he has done. Presumably the public defender will be aware of the new charge and will appear on his behalf, but if the public defender doesn't, someone may want to get in contact with the office and alert the assigned PD to the dates for both cases.

If both the new cases occurred in the same jurisdiction, it is possible that his attorney can work out a package deal where he gets one sentence for both crimes. Ordinarily, a first offense on shoplifting would likely result in a probationary sentence. However, because of the second charge and the previous serious juvenile charge, that is not as likely. It may still happen, but it is also possible he'd get a short jail sentence plus probation as well. The theft charge can carry up to three years in jail and the failure to register can carry up to five years in jail. The attorney's strategy will really depend on how strong the theft case is (the failure to register charge is pretty straightforward and there's not much of a defense available). If the case is strong, then a package plea may be the recommended way to go and the attorney can help work out the best deal. If the theft case is weak, the attorney may try it and then attempt to work out a plea on the other case. The attorney will be able to discuss his options, convey the plea offer, and help him decide the next step.
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