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My son was convicted on poss of drug paraphenelia (mirror with

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My son was convicted on poss of drug paraphenelia (mirror with his name on it)..He paid his fine and was suppose to report to probation officer when called..He lost his job and my phone was disconnected for a move order..He ended up getting a ticket for something and was spose to pay or go to court..He asked me to call after he lost the ticket to make sure what his court date was..It was at that point that I found out he had a warrant for violating his parole---(missed parole call and report)..They suggested he turn himself in and would not expand on his court time..He elected not to though he is still thinking about it..How bad would bail be and what kind of time...I'm assuming he missed his ticket court date also..(crossing a solid white line..)Also, he was thinking about going back to Alabama..What consequences and will they suspend license?/Florida
Hello Jacustomer,

Yes, if your son fails to take care of his traffic ticket, he will accrue fines and penalties, and eventually his license will be suspended, but frankly he has more serious things to worry about.

As possession of paraphernalia is only a misdemeanor, I assume that he was placed on probation rather than parole. His decision not to report, however is a serious one. T^his is a technical violation and a warrant has likely already been issued for his arrest. That will follow him everywhere he goes. It will not expire, and the only way he can get rid of it is to come back to court, stand before the judge who issued the warrant and deal with his criminal case.

While states don't extradite on misdmeanor charges, so he's not likely to get arrested, and transported from Alabama or wherever back to Florida, it will show up on any background check. That would make him unable to renew his driver's license or to get a new one, unable to clear a background check for decent housiing and/or employment, and can result in denial of certain government benefits as well. Warrants are always bad news situations and they get worse, not better over time.

If he's only recently missed his date, he can go back to court with his lawyer and, while he risks incarceration, he would still have a decent chance of getting restored to probation. The longer he waits, however, the greater the chance that probation will wash their hands of him altogether. This would mean that probation could revoke him which would mean that the judge would have to resentence him to jail time. That sentence can be anything up to the maximum that the crime is worth, which in this case would be a year. If he were revoked upon his return, it would be unlikely that he would be able to get bail. He'd simply be resentenced to a jail term.

Your son should not go back without a lawyer to help ensure his safe return, so far as possible, but this is something that he should take care of sooner rather than later.
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