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What are the repercussions on a 23 yr male who has admitted

Customer Question

What are the repercussions on a 23 yr male who has turned himself in and admitted to molesting his niece when he was 14 and she was 6yrs? How much time is he looking at under CA law? No lawyer was present to advice.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Jim Reilly replied 5 years ago.
Hello x14g1rt9 and welcome to JustAnswer.

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The potential consequences of child molestation depend on several considerations, including the exact nature of the conduct involved (for example, whether any touching was over clothes or skin-to-skin; or whether there was any vaginal penetration or oral copulation), and how often the conduct occurred.

To give you an exact statement of the sentencing alternatives, I would need to know exactly what offenses were charged and how many counts of each.

Maximum possible sentences for sexual offenses range from 6 months in the county jail for misdemeanor sexual battery to as much as 25 years to life for the most serious sexual crimes against minors. So it is really important to know exactly what offenses have been charged to evaluate possible sentences.

In what county did this take place?

One aside, anything this man says to the cops can be used against him in court. He should not make any other statements until he has spoken with an attorney.

If you can let me know what offenses have been or are charged when he goes to court, I can give you a better idea about the possible sentencing range.

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