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I am looking for a good lawyer. This is a 6+million dollar

Customer Question

I am looking for a good lawyer. This is a 6+million dollar case.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am about to sue the IGC (Indianapolis Gaming Commission) For Racial Profiling, Harassment, and Intimidation. Current estimate of payout is 6+ million easy.
I 'm in the car listening to the radio. Trying to accept the $150 dollars I just lost at the casino. I was smoking a cigarette and just relaxing.
I noticed a security guard from the casino walking past the back of the car.
I wondered what’s going on, but because whatever it was none of my business.
I continued to mind my business listen to the radio and smoke my cigarette.
But after I seen about 5 or 6 more security guards come out and walk past.
I decided to turn off the music and see what’s going on.
To my left I see all the security guards talking to this group of African American men.
It looks as if these men were causing some kind of disturbance and the casino security is handling the situation.
As I'm looking I notice 3 more security guards come out and approach the men causing the disturbance.
Now there are about 10 security guards outside. Some have guns some don't.
I want to get out the car and go back inside the casino, because I don't like guns and I'm right by all this going on.
But I was too scared to open the door.
All of a sudden there a "BANG BANG" on my window.
I jump in shock and asked who it is and what do you want.
I ask why and for what and who you are.
He quickly shows me a badge and says
I was scared and confused, but I got out with my hands open asking what’s it this about.
I ask what going on why you are doing this.
He tells me he is with the IGC and he does not have to answer any of my questions, but I better answer his.
He asks me:
Who car is this
I say my wife's car
He says do you have a driver’s license
I say no is suspended
He says are you driving this car
I say no it's my wife's car I was just sitting here listening to the radio.
He say are you on probation
I say no
I am not on anything
He goes I could lock you up if you didn't have an ID.
I ask again what’s going on
Why are you doing this?
What did I do?
I also notice my pants are wet and I have soiled myself.
I had on black pants so no one noticed
He ask me
I tell him no
I have never seen these people before in my life.
He looks shocked and goes ohhh.
He gives my id back and starts to walk away.
I go hey
Why did you bang on my window like that?
What did I do for you to talk to me that way you just did?
One of the security men step in and say's
Sir this was a big misunderstanding
And he ask me again pointing at the men
Are you with those men?
I say again no
I don't know them
Why would you think that did they say I was or something.
They go no
I go then why did you think that.
And it finally hit me.
They thought I was with these guys because. They were parked next to me and I was a black men.
Which is racial?
You can't just associate people by their color.
You made me put out my last cigarette
You made me solid my self
You spoke to me like I was nobody
You hurt my feeling
And you scared the hell out on me.
Then wouldn’t give me his name.
I ask again because they know what they just did and I want to hear them say it.
He turns around with an evil look on his face and says I'm with the IGC and if you have a complaint go file one with them. I ask what your name and can you speak to my mother about this she's in the casino.
He and 3 other men turn and say we don't have to tell you anything and we don't have to speak to your or anybody.
I go inside and tell my wife and mother what happen.
I embarrassed because I have soiled myself.
I ask one of the security guards in side can I please speak to someone in charge.
And tell him why
He looks sorry for me and shakes his head and tells me to go upfront and speak to the head security supervisor.
Now I have to walk around
Soiled and embarrassed
The Head Security helps me and gives me the names of the agent, who he works for and where to file the complaint.
He also says sorry for what happen and he doesn't understand why they did me like that.
As I am leaving with my head down. Someone says to me. I heard about what just happen to you and I’m sorry it did, but if I was you I would sue their ass to the wall.
So I called around and found out this is a big, but easy case. So here are my questions.
I need to know do I even have a case and how big is this?
I need to know what kind of lawyer I should be speaking too.
Could I really get 6 million or more
Why do I being disabled make this a good case?
More info
I am Bipolar and take medication.
I was doing fine until this now I got to take more medication for my nerves and the constant shaking.
I also can’t get the whole soling myself out my head.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Andrea replied 5 years ago.
Hi, and Welcome to JustAnswer. Thank you for your question.

My name is Andrea, I am an Attorney and would be glad to help

I am sorry you were subjected to this. In this day and age, with so many problems in the world, I would think that people have put racial profiling in the past and try to solve today's problems. But, unfortunately, I have seen this happen all too often - put a uniform on anybody who has a severe inferiority complex, and all of a sudden, he feels courageous. Take the uniform off of him and he is one big nothing, doing nothing but taking up space.

It sounds like you have a very strong case of racial profiling, and while any number of legal experts here on JustAnswer would love the chance to take on this case, JustAnswer is not a law firm and has a strict site policy which prohibits any expert in the legal category from taking on any customer as a client. and, therefore, no attorney-client relationship is ever formed.

However, I am able to give you some guidance as to how to find the best lawyer possible for your case. First, you should contact the American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU" ) in Indiana. Although they do not regularly take on individual cases, they have been known to take individual cases where a person's civil rights have been violated. Also, they very, very often have class actions where they represent all the members in a class who have similar grievances that their civil rights have been violated and I am a firm believer that there is strength in numbers. You can find all their contact information relating to their Indiana offices at their website:


The ACLU does not fear any group or government agency. They will take on any of them where the issue is a violation of the individual's civil rights, or a violation of rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and its Amendments



You can also contact the Indiana Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. Tell them what your situation is and ask for the names of several attorneys with substantial experience in civil rights litigation. Speak to all of them, consultations are usually free, and cases such as your are taken on a contingency fee agreement. Then select the one with whom you feel the most comfortable and who has answered all your questions without hedging, or avoiding a direct answer.

Lake County Bar Association
Crown Point, IN
Lake County


Evansville Bar Association LRS
Evansville, IN
Vanderburgh, Posey and Warrick Counties

Allen County Bar Association LRS
Fort Wayne, IN
Allen County


Indianapolis Bar Association LRS
Indianapolis, IN
Marion, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Hendricks and Morgan County

St. Joseph County Bar Association LRS
South Bend, IN
St. Joseph County

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Not enough information, also didn't answer my questions at the end.