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Zoey_ JD
Zoey_ JD, JustAnswer Criminal Law Mentor
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Admitted to NYS Criminal defense bar in 1989. Extensive arraignment, hearing, trial experience.
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How do I get the ball rolling on reducing a felony charge in

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How do I get the ball rolling on reducing a felony charge in the State of Wisconson?
Hello Jacustomer,

Sometimes a prosecutor will overcharge a case and file a weak felony instead of a strong misdemeanor. Usually in those cases an aggressive lawyer can press the state to reduce the charge. It's easier if there's a deal involved. If the prosecutor is going to have to try the case anyhow, he gets no benefit from the reduction. And if the defendant is not guilty, he should go to trial regardless of whether hs is charged with the felony or the misdemeanor.

So, botXXXXX XXXXXne, let your lawyer know why you don't feel the case should be a felony and ask if he can get you a misdemeanor offer.

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