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A man is arrested on a felony charge, when being booked in

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A man is arrested on a felony charge, when being booked in the jailer has him fill out the application for court appointed att. Two weeks go by and his 1st court date comes. He goes with no att. When he goes in front of the magistrate all that is told to him is he won't get a court appointed att because it is a felony. Because of this he is sending it to the public defenders office and will need to call them. And sets another court date in one week for a preliminary hearing. Why does this sound like the magistrate just lied to this guy about getting a court app attorney?
Hello Jacustomer,

Unless there is some distinction in Iowa between a court appointed attorney and a public defender, either the judge, or the defendant when he told you the story was a bit confused. In Iowa there are no court appointed attorneys, apparently for misdemeanors, unless it's likely that the defendant will go to jail, but there certainly are for felonies. See Rule 132 E and F

I think that it's likely that the judge misspoke or that the defendant misheard. He was clearly assigned a public attorney.
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