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my daughter is in Cook County Jail, they picked her up with

Resolved Question:

my daughter is in Cook County Jail, they picked her up with a small amount of Heroin
on her, then found that she was already on probation through Kendall County Ill for
retail theft. It is somewhat complicated however the PD at her court hearing today
just stood there and tells her she is in shit so deep he needs her papers from Kendall
did not even know where it was, so for the 3rd time before the Judge she has to
Stay In Cook County Jail again until the end of March.
I feel lost, I have no answers and so many questions, I do not know how to
Help her, at least get answers and if she has to serve time which she knows for
the probation violation why do they not get started with it so she can move on.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 5 years ago.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. This kind of a situation is typical when a defendant has probation in one county and gets a new arrest on the other. Probation has probably lodged a hold against her, meaning that even if she made bail in Cook County she couldn't get out. If they have done that, then she is getting credit for jail time both on her present case and on the violation of her probation. So she actually is getting it started.

Cook County isn't going to want to send her back to Kendall until they have resolved this case because once she's sentenced on the VOP they won't be able to conveniently get her back. Kendall isn't going to want her back until then either, because what happens on the new case will help determine what will happen with the VOP. However, assuming that this is a misdemeanor possession she's in on, and the case for which she is also on probation is drug related, her Kendall County lawyer should be able to contact her Cook County lawyer and coordinate a defense between the two of them.
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