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I am schedule for an Arraignment in the next couple weeks in

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I am schedule for an Arraignment in the next couple weeks in Florida court for, Tag/resistr exemption not allow(criminal) no drivers license(infraction)(i do have one just wasn't on me when stopped) and speeding(mandatory). I agree to the speeding - should I plead 'no contest' to all the charges?

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When you appear at court, you can present the prosecutor with a valid license and if you have corrected the issue with the tag, proof of that as well. You can ask for a plea offer and if it is acceptable to you, enter a plea of no contest at that time, to resolve the issue. If you have a clean record, the court may offer you a withhold of adjudication on the speeding and tag and could likely dismiss the no drivers license infraction, since you do have one. THey would impose a fine and court costs and the case would be offer with.

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