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over 2 yrs ago a former friend stayed at my house while i

Customer Question

over 2 yrs ago a former friend stayed at my house while i was out of town. my 'friend' arranged for my house to be robbed but i came home early and was there when the thug came in the front door with my keys. my former friend is a drug addict and was high during this event. after getting messages from me regarding the betrayal and endangering me my former friend called several times and apologized saying it wasnt their fault but they are sorry and sending me texts saying to put their stuff out front and theyd come get it i did just that. i put the personal belongings outside and her mattresses which her dog had defecated on out by the treelawn. some of her furniture was left in the house and i gave it to her later.

i have lived in another state since this incident and the past few weeks i was visiting family there and she started sending me messages saying she wanted her pictures, computer, etc returned. i dont know what was in the bags/boxes i put out front for the most part- but not my problem. and they have several items they had abandoned at their house during the same period. verified by her former landlord.

now i have a detective from that area calling me suddenly. my guess???? she wants to charge me with some kind of theft. why else would a detective from the neighborhood call me coincidentally after i received the messages. i still have the texts she sent about putting the stuff outside but that phone is in storage and i wont be able to get to it until the end of feb. i cant afford to randomly fly around the country on a whim!

plan on scraping together some money and having an atty call.

my question...after 2 yrs....really? statute of limitations? ohio. if it was so important whyd they wait? the list goes on!

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Legal-Guru replied 5 years ago.
Not a bad idea to have an attorney call. Otherwise, if you didn't do anything wrong you can give the detective a call back to see the reason he's calling you. Just be careful what you tell him. As long as you do not make any admissions no reason not to call him.