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is there a regulation in the state of florida that requires

Customer Question

is there a regulation in the state of florida that requires aan inmate be imprisioned within a certain proximaty of is only sibling and family memeber in the state
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 5 years ago.

There are regulations concerning the possibility of transfers for the reason you stated. These transfers are not automatic, but can be requested. I have set out below part of what the State Department of Corrections says about this issue. You can see exactly how to request the transfer and other important in formation by going to:

  1. Will the department transfer an inmate closer to home to make visitation easier?
    1. While we believe maintaining family contact is very important to the overall success of the inmate’s development and eventual reentry into the community, the volume of inmates from certain areas of the state prevent us from using visitation convenience as a primary reason for transfers. ;In order to get closer to home inmates may request a “Good Adjustment Transfer” when they meet the required criteria.
    2. 40% of the inmate population comes from Central Florida (Region 3) and 35% come from South Florida (region 4), thus the majority of transfer requests are to these two areas.
    3. These facts mandate that transfers be based on the needs (security, health, education) of the inmate and/or the needs of the Florida Department of Corrections.
    4. The department will not transfer inmates based on requests from third parties (individuals other than an inmate or a department employee while in the performance of his/her official duties, to include the inmate’s family members and friends).
    5. If transfer requests are received by any staff from a third party, they will inform the third party requester that submitting a transfer request is the responsibility of the inmate when the established criteria have been met.
    6. For inmate medical treatment or court-ordered transfers, the Population Management Section of the Bureau of Classification and Central Records is the coordinator--the ICT and SCO do not review these requests. Upon completion of the treatment or satisfaction of the court order, the inmate is returned to the originating facility, if that placement is still appropriate. Other types of transfers, such as Good Adjustment transfers, cannot be considered while the inmate is out to court or until medical services have been completed and the inmate has returned to his/her permanent facility.