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I have a cituation where when I was delivering the defendents

Customer Question

I have a cituation where when I was delivering the defendents temporary protection order summons for me, the plaintiff, I took off some of the notes that I had written becasue they had some private notes involving some undercover work that i was doing for the police also against the plaintif in another matter, and I didn't know that these notes were going to get passed along to the defendant. Well, of course, his lawyer found out and has now motioned to have the case dissolved, but is not saying that it is because of the missing notes. Hes not even admitting that he is aware of the missing notes. He is just trying to say that from the one page of notes that he received, that there is not enough facts to sustain the protection order. But also another thing happened and I think that the lawyer is trying to set me up for purjury. A few days ago I received a call from a girl who said she was from a place who helps low income people and I told her what I had done with the notes. I think that she tapped the phone call and I read online that once somebody lies on the courtstand, that a tapped phone call can then be brought forth into the case. I think what the lawyers plan is is to get me to lie and say that I didn't take the notes and then bring forth the tape and make me loose the case based of purjury, unless of course the motion to dissolve the case happens first. Also, though, I told the girl on the phone that I had planned on just telling the truth about what and why I took the notes, but she told me twice not to, which is another reason why I am suspicios of this. Plus, I had already spoken with her service before I extended my court date, and I was done with them, and they had no way of knowing that I extended my court date, so why was she calling me? and lastly, she told me the reason that she couldn't be my lawyer was becasue they were short of lawyer, while the real reason is becuase "her" service is not budgeted to help people who are harassed by somebody that they are not in a relationship with, which in the state of Maine is called abuse. So, you see this is why I am suspicious of this phone call, and I think the lawyer is trying to set me up. So I am going to motion his motion, although he left me no time to do this, I will have to hand it in to the court on my court date. I don't know what the judge will do or if he might extend the court date. Please respond to all of this and give me feedback on what you think is going on here and what I should do and you think the lawyer is doing and what you think the judge might do. I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michael J, Esq. replied 5 years ago.

Michael J, Esq. :

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Michael J, Esq. :

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