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I need help asap. I live in Wa.state,and have a sister-in law

Customer Question

I need help asap. I live in Wa.state,and have a sister-in law that lives in idaho. I have tolerated abuse from my in-laws not only emotionally, but verbally since before I married my husband. I didn't think much of it then, but my sister in law has been harassing me for two years now! Not only that but cyber stalking me, slandering me,etc... I had an incident today of where the neighbors had expired tabs on their car, and got tagged by the police, something which i had nothing to do with, come to find out my sister-in law is interlinked with these people whom have been spying on me and telling her MY business, as well as harassing me with anything they have go wrong. I am about to take legal action but need advice on 1) how does an anti-harassment order work if i live in WA. and she lives in Idaho, 2) how can i get something pertaining to my neighbors to protect myself from their harassment,etc? I am distressed over this whole situation, have a 4yr old son, and yes I do have evidence as proof that my sister in law is indeed harassing me/my husband, and now is starting to involve my parents also. I don't know what her problem is, but she has past the point of toleration and I about about to sue her over this. I can not take this any longer it has caused nothing but problems in my marriage, problems emotionally with my son, also with me as well.To be honest, I am creeped out as well as a little frightened as to what may be pulled next, I can not live like this and can not move due to me having a mortgage as to where her friends do not. I also find it odd, at the point her friends moved in the place had elderly ladies moving in so someone spray painted the building and coincendencely her friends happen to move in. What am i supposed to do? I shouldn't have to live this way! I am not sure if i should say the things on here regarding whats been said about me, so for now i'll leave that out, but all this stress is making me sick,something she knows and is doing intentionally. She is trying to make me leave my husband,why i do not know,other then i will not bow down and let her treat me this way. enough is enough. also, one last quick question if i may, if one were given a gift, that still had one of those high-tech security devices on it, but didn't know it was involved in a theft, and the person pleaded guilty and charged with the theft, with a fine and probation, and one were to produce that item to where his sister either was charged or stole it from, would one be charged with a crime, since they weren't involved with it and you couldn't prove it beforehand that it was stolen, what is one to do with that item?? it has been a yr. or so since it was given as a gift. any help right now would be great i need to know where to start. I'm saddened it has to come to this and she will not butt out of my life and continues to stalk me i have no choice left as i do not want to live in fear, i have no idea what will be done next. thanks for you time.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 5 years ago.
The big problem you have here is that she is not in WA, this means that there will be an issue over personal jurisdiction on the case. The fact is that she has not actually come to WA to commit these acts, she is committing them in Idaho, which means there is going to even be an argument over which state's laws would apply. Typically, they would apply the laws of WA because this is where the effect of the harassment is occurring, but the fact is you would likely have to get an attorney in Idaho to sue her there because that is the only way you will get personal jurisdiction over her.

You would sue her for harassment and seek a restraining order against her prohibiting any further contact with you, your husband or your child either personally or through third parties. If you obtain this in Idaho, then you would have to return to WA and file the restraining order in WA to have it recognized and made enforceable by the WA courts as well.

At this point, this is not a simple matter, but one you will need to hire an attorney in Idaho to assist you with in order to take action to stop the harassment and abuse.

If your neighbor is involved in harassing you as well, that would have to be a separate suit you would file in WA for harassment and seeking a restraining order against them as well.

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