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Three years ago I had a protective order against my abusive

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Three years ago I had a protective order against my abusive ex fiance. He then retaliated got one against me. He then convinced me to work things out and to drop mine, so I did..He kept his however. Three years later, last month for the first time in years..he showed up at my doorstep uninvited, unannounced, I however invited him in to talk. over the next few weeks I saw signs of his mental illness, asked him to stop texting and calling me etc... ended up calling the police and getting a temp protective order. am I also in violation of this order as I opened the door to him and spent time with him?
Typically a protective order prohibits the party against whom it applies (you in this instance) from initiating contact with the plaintiff (your ex-husband). If this is the language in the protective order your ex-husband has against you, it is not a violation because you did not initiate the contact.

Additionally, even if the language in his protective order varied from the norm, it is highly unlikely that you would be prosecuted for acquiescing to his contact with you. Your allowing that contact may, however, lessen the chances that the judge will grant you a permanent protective order at the hearing.

You will have to explain to the judge why you allowed that to happen and what has happened since that caused you to seek the new order. Best of luck to you.
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