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Mr. Y is accused of rape. Mr. Y is a 24 year-old white male

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Mr. Y is accused of rape. Mr. Y is a 24 year-old white male with no documented source of income so his case has been appointed to the Office of the Public Defender. His co-defendant, Mr. X, is also a 24 year-old white male. His parents are wealthy and can afford private representation. Do you have concerns that both defendants will have equal representation?
The PD handles many more cases than private defense counsel, so is unable to devote the amount of time to most of the cases that a private attorney would.

There are some very good PDs and some very sloppy private defense lawyers, but overall, the client with a private attorney is likely to get more attention from the lawyer than the clients of the PD get. So the odds are that the private lawyer would do a better job than the overworked PD can do. Obviously this is just my opinion, but it is based on having observed the legal system for a few decades.

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