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In the state of Virginia, what constitutes domestic abuse

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In the state of Virginia, what constitutes domestic abuse? What is the time limit on filing charges?

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"Domestic violence" refers to any criminal offense involving the use or threatened use of physical force, in which the offender and the victim have a familial or household relationship. If this was charged as a misdemeanor, it would be 1 year.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What statute speaks about emotional abuse? It has been both for the past two years with more of it being emotional torture. I have not pressed charges because when 911 was called they never informed me of my rights.

Emotional abuse is mistreating and controlling another person through insults, giving orders, making unrealistic demands, or saying things to confuse them. S

  • Ignoring you in front of other people
  • Insulting, humiliating, or embarrassing you
  • Calling you names
  • Making fun of you
  • Controlling your plans and friends
  • Telling you to give up activities you enjoy
  • Making you change the way you dress, think and act
  • Threatening to break up with you if you don't do something
  • Making decisions for you
  • Saying that you don't really love or care about them
  • Criticizing your performance when others compliment you
  • Using any mistakes you made in the past against you
  • Not allowing you to disagree
  • Accusing you of flirting
  • Becoming jealous without reason
  • Ignoring your feelings and ideas
  • Withholding affection as a way to punish you
  • Saying that you will never find someone else
  • Hurting or threatening to hurt a friend, family member or pet
  • Denying things that really happened
  • Blaming problems in the relationship on someone or something else
  • Breaking promises
  • Blaming you for problems in school, work, or at home
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can you give me the Statute?

It would be classified under domestic abuse / violence. Emotional abuse would be very hard to prosecute criminally. Physical abuse is alot easier and more likely for the prosecutor to file charges for.

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