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My husband is in jail for federal charges. He had his PSI

Resolved Question:

My husband is in jail for federal charges. He had his PSI interview three months ago and received his PSI a month later. He had objections to his PSI, and we were told that the probation officer had 30 days to make corrections. It has now been almost two months and we have not received the PSI back. I have tried to contact his lawyer to see if he has received a new copy of his PSI with the objections but he is not responsive. Can we contact the probation office ourselves for a copy? Aren't they suppose to send a copy to my husband in jail? He has now been in there 14 months and has not been sentenced. He plead gulity back in March. Is this normal to take so long?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  CrimDefense replied 5 years ago.

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It does seem like an excessive amount of time to wait and be sentenced. His attorney, should atleast be contacting him and advising him of the basis for the delay. The court should have set a date for sentencing and if the original date was canceled or changed as a result of the issue with the PSI, a new date should have been reset. If not, his attorney should file a motion to set a sentencing date, so there could be some closure. You can try and reach out to the probation officer and see if they would provide a copy but they are under no obligation to release this to a family member. It would be something he or is attorney would be entitled to. If the attorney is not responding, contact his office this morning and ask to set up an appointment with him, in his officer, to see what is going on

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