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I am a physician in the State of WA. I am willing to recommend

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I am a physician in the State of WA. I am willing to "recommend" the use of "medical marijuana" to a patient within the extent of the law. My understanding, after reading the law, is that I can only "recommend" to "one patient at a time". Does that mean that, if I have 10 patients that qualify, that I have to choose only one to help? This makes no sense. If I can only help one, how long do I have to wait until I can "recommend" to another patient? If I write an open ended (date) recommendation, then the patient can theoreticaly obtain marijuan under the law for life. Does that mean that I can never help another patient? I am not in this for the money, just the compassionate value. I am not "seeking" medical marijuana patients.
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Your understanding of the law is not correct.

What the law means is that you have to meet with the patients one-on-one and make the recommendation in a one-on-one setting. You cannot hold a conference in a banquet center and tell one hundred people at the same time that you recommend MM.

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