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I had an accident in 1964. in the town of Norwalk Conn. I

Customer Question

I had an accident in 1964. in the town of Norwalk Conn. I hate to bring this back to my memory. A little boy lost his life, he was on a bicycle I was in a truck. I was charged with neg. homicide. Which I didnt know until I just recieved this letter I was given a fine of 200.00.. In 1977 My family and I moved to florida, Recently I am a volunteer Sheriff in Palm Beach County. I decided to get a concealed gun permit, I took the class sent in my papers and got back a letter that they wanted the documetation they need to resolve this issue. I guess its who do I contact for this
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 5 years ago.
Hello Jacustomer,

If this matter resulted in a felony charge, you would have no gun rights under either state or Federal law, regardless of the fact that it happened in 1964. So I am guessing that what you need is some kind of official paperwork from the state of Connecticut that documents the disposition of your case. Given its age, this may be difficult as nothing was on the computer back then and when states began entering older data, they may not have gone back this far.

You should call the clerk of the court in Connecticut where you were to have appeared and ask how you would obtain an official document which would attest to the disposition of your 1964 matter. He should be able to inform you. If you come up empty, you might want to involve a lawyer in Connecticut (or a paralegal from his firm) to do some running around to turn this up for you. The prosecutor's office should have a record, though it may be stored somewhere on microfiche. Or you could order your RAP sheet from the State of Connecticut and/or the FBI. Both should show your offense, and someone with access to a law library can tell you what the charge you were convicted of was worth in 1964.