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I was not married to my sons father, I left him 2 yrs. ago.

Customer Question

I was not married to my son's father, I left him 2 yrs. ago. He has at least 3 prior drug arrests, one was a felony but when he was put in our current state that we all live in now a state-run mental facility for 2 wks. it counted towards his outstanding over-due probation unfortunately. He still uses drugs I am 100% confident that a hair follicle test will show this and has 2 DUI's outstanding form yet another state but they are from '04, he got them in one week! I am seeing/retaining a attorney on Monday - question is: will I stand to win full custody w/me supervising visitations like I currently do? I've always facilitated their relationship to the fullest, he's just been very sporadic about interest, mainly aimed at me, now that I've stopped phone communication he's not as interested since he can't come by the house anymore. I'm also wondering if he'll get extradited for the evading of the DUI probation as well as never going to court on the other. Thanks so much! It's keeping me up.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  lwpat replied 6 years ago.
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Based on your post there should be no problem with you obtaining sole custody and the court setting out restrictions on supervised visitation. That is what would be normal in this situation. Your attorney can handle it without any problem. If he has any outstanding warrants I doubt that he would even show for court. The attorney can obtain a copy of his criminal record to submit to the court.