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My 26yr old son who I recently learned was molested as a child

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My 26yr old son who I recently learned was molested as a child has recently been arrested. The case is being investigated and not all the information is in yet but he may be looking at multiple charges of L and L with a minor. Even though he has a history of some mental illness, he was working as a psych tech at the time. We could not afford an attorney so he has a public defender. My question is, how can I best advocate for my son and, in general, what kind of penalties will be imposed? Thankyou so much. Also if you are praying people, please pray for my son. He needs help and to be held accountable but he's not, as he says,a monster.

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I certainly understand your concern. In a situation like this, he is likely facing prison time, if convicted. Even if he were to take a plea deal, prison would be included and him having to register as a sex offender upon release, would also be a requirement as well as probation. When the time comes, you could testify on behalf of your son and write the Judge a letter for him to consider during sentencing. Until all the information is obtained and reviewed, you need to be patient. His attorney will speak with you if there is something you can physically do to help the case.

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