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if i have information that will help the State against someone

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if i have information that will help the State against someone on probation who is having a hearing next week for failing so many drug tests, who do I tell and how? I know this info will help show they have been using while still on probation.



You can either call the prosecutor's office directly and ask to speak to the prosecutor handling the case, or you can pass the information along to the probation agent. Speaking to the prosecutor will generally be the most effective way to handle it, but the probation agent would also be in a position to get the information to the prosecutor.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We (me and my daughter) have a very vested interest in keeping this person clean and is there a way to go about this so it does not come off as being spiteful or hurtful?
If you report it there's no way to ensure what the outcome will be, but you can certainly explain that you would like to see the person get treatment as part of any sentence for a violation of probation. It is possible he could be looking at jail time (though realistically your information may not affect that since they know he is using from his drug tests). You can try to go to court at the hearing and ask his lawyer if you can speak on his behalf and request that he get treatment ordered as part of the sentence.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Wow.. you have been so helpful. Last part I need help with.

How do I find when the court date is as I know there is a lot of privacy to be respected. I 0am getting the docket this coming Monday morning but i am not sure there will be any info about the hearing date. And I did not see a prosecutors office phone number listed at the court, just a Court Clerks office and Assistant DA's office number. Is the Prosecutor located somewhere else? Thank you.
You can just call the clerk of court. There's no privacy...courts are a matter of public record except for circumstances involving juveniles and the courts are open to the public. A prosecutor is just another name for the Assistant District Attorney so that is the person who is pursuing the case against him.
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