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what could be the sentence for conspiracy to commit kidnapping

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what could be the sentence for conspiracy to commit kidnapping two counts

This is a very serious offense. And someone convicted for conspiracy can be sentenced as if he had committed the actual act. The fact that this person tried to back out is a point in his favor. How helpful it is will depend on the other facts and circumstances of the case.

There are two kinds of kidnappings in California. The less serious one is a simple kidnapping. That's punishable by up to 8 years in prison. An Aggravated kidnapping would have a minimum of 5 years of prison but it's maximum would be a life sentence, which, if it involved injury to the victim and/or a risk of death, could even be without possibility of parole.

Either the simple kidnapping or the Aggravated would cause a strike under CA's 3 strike law.
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