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My wife is in a treatment facility called ICCS (Bonus avail)

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My wife is in a treatment facility called ICCS (Intervention Community Correction Services)for drug charges she incurred as a result of her addiction to opiates following breast cancer surgery. She has been there for about a month now and is already having a lot of negative repercussions to her "alleged" behavior. One thing to consider is that she definitely has "some" behavioral problems or she wouldn't be there in the first place, and I have little to say regarding "some" of the reasonable consequences that they have in place. My concern is not that it's a strict environment but what the staff there consider to be their primary goal. IE: Is it to rehabilitate or punish? My wife is the first to admit when she has actually done something wrong. But recently she has been getting "write ups" for a lot of things that she truly has no control over. I am to understand that it is the staff that does the write ups and case manager who could possibly resolve them and has yet to do so. The scenarios in question are as follows. - She has been written up for missing appointments as a result of overlapped scheduling by the different department heads (her case manager being one of them - I would think she would be the one person who could resolve this but I'm told she refuses). - She has been written up for getting caught in traffic coming back from appointments that it is mandatory she attend. (I've been present for these and bare witness to the facts). - She has been written up for missing appointments as a result of her case manager being late for work and not getting her paperwork ready in time for her release to the appointments. - And finally, the reason I'm asking tonight, she was written up today as a result of MY actions. She was again scheduled to go look for a job and I made the time today to help her get to her appointments. She filled out the paperwork (her list of job contacts that needs to be approved by her case manager prior to leaving the facility) and turned it in to the proper department. Her case manager did not come in to work until after noon. My wife was supposed to have left by 7:30 am (Hence the write up). She (and I) did not know if she would be released as soon as her case manager finally got there so I stood by waiting all morning and at about 2:00 pm when I hadn't yet heard anything. I went to the facility to see if there was a status that the staff could give me. As I very politely began to ask what the situation was and what, perhaps, I should do in the mean time. A staff member cut me off in mid sentence and barked at me that they couldn't give me any information and I would have to wait until someone called me (either my wife or her case manager). My wife called about 30 minutes later saying that she had just gotten called to the office and scolded because I had come by to ask a question. And if I were to contact the staff even one more time that she would be written up as a result. At this point I would like to have her placed in a different facility if possible as I do not see how this type of treatment is rehabilitative in nature. It sounds more to me like the administrative staff may be aspiring to someday be corrections officers rather than rehabilitation counselors. Whats more is that the place is absolutely unsafe and filthy. There are huge cock roaches everywhere and all the resident's say they have bed bugs. And the staff shows no interest in speaking (to say the least) let alone answering questions or resolving issues of any kind. I don't know if I can get any help for this on here in particular or not but it's very difficult to find resources to follow up on any grievances against this place online. It almost seems as if they may be sabotaging peoples attempts to communicate about this online. I've been in IT for 20+ years and have rarely seen so little information on such a disreputable facility. Thanks for any advice. The primary questions I have are: How can the staff and facility ownership be held realistically accountable for their behavior and the upkeep and functionality of the facility? How can one be safely transferred to a different facility without jeopardizing their sentence by causing a stir? Her Probation officer said she could go up for review to reconsider the length of her sentence after about three months in the facility but at the rate that she is getting reprimanded, she has no chance. She also has whats called a "job contract" now which states that she must have a job within the next 2 weeks or she will be removed and sent back for re-sentencing (probably to incarceration). There are many other people there who have been at the facility for months who still have no job but who are allowed to continue trying. She has been a house wife for a long time and hasn't worked in years. It seems like they are setting her up to fail rather than try and re-integrate her into societies work force. If that was ever even their intention.

The only thing to do is to approach her attorney and/or her probation officer about petitioning the court for an alternative placement. Ask them if there are other places that would serve the same purpose. Before asking the judge to have her moved have a plan to present to him/her about where she would go instead.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That's the plan. Thank you. I sure wish there were more and better alternatives for addiction treatment.
So do I. Best of luck to you and your wife.
Legal-Guru and 2 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Just wanted to say thank you again and give you an update. She went to a third party mental health professional outside the facility today and was diagnosed with additional psychological conditions (which is, of course, very often the case with addicts) that changed her status to a dual diagnosis client/patient at the facility and she now has federal funding and federal rules for treatment that they have to abide by when handling her program. So she should be getting much better treatment from this point forward as well as professional counseling from an outside and unbiased therapist. I only wish it didn't have to come to such an event for them to be forced to be more considerate of their clients (or at least of her). I'm keeping an eye on the situation regardless though. Besides that fact that I love my wife and am concerned for well being, I'm always wary of any situation that grants too much authority to under educated personnel without enough oversight (Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of that going around in government and the courts these day's). Some might say that addicts get what they deserve when they end up in places like this but this is the worse I've seen so far. And in this particular instance at least, my wife (only recently after we hadn't spoken for 10 years until recently) turned herself in because she wants to make herself and her life (and our relationship) right again (like many addicts I know). But, anyway, thanks again. :)

...BTW, I have always had an alternative plan that I would much rather she had gone to because of a good deal of success I've had sending other people to (I'm a recovering addict myself and have about 3 years clean and sober now so I'm no spring chicken so to speak). It's called PARC (Peak Addiction Recovery Center) and they have a very clean and successful program there but the county she's in wants very much to keep her in their jurisdiction (Found out that some of the court administration and their friends actually have stock in the company that maintains the facility in Lakewood and that the same company also owns at least 9 or 10 additional and similar facilities in Colorado). Go figure. :\
That's awesome! Glad to know things are looking up for her. Thanks for letting me know.

Perhaps once things are a little more stabilized you and her can lobby your legislators to make changes to the system so that no one else has to go through the same treatment.
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