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My nephew has been arrested in Porter County, IN for heroin

Resolved Question:

My nephew has been arrested in Porter County, IN for heroin possession and dealing. My sister has contacted a lawyer who has met with him. He sits in jail now and the lawyer will have a chance to review the prosecutor notes tomorrow to better understand the circumstances of his arrest. He has not been formally charged yet so I understand that there may be a chance to have the charges reduced. This is his first offense.

My question is simply what can I do to help my sister and my nephew? Should I begin to do outreach to local rehab centers, should I contact local advocates? What would make the best sense to help?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 6 years ago.
Hello! I'm sorry to hear about the situation!

In reality, when an individual has been charged with a crime, there's often very little third parties can do to assist.
While rehab may be part of a deal that is negotiated, that is generally more likely to help with a possession charge than a dealing charge.
In reality, the best thing a third party can typically do is let the defendant's attorney do the appropriate preliminary work and make sure that the attorney knows that the individual is available to help as necessary.
For instance, the statements of relatives may be helpful with sentencing matters.
That said, typically, relatives can do very little to resolve a legal matter for their family members, as they are generally unrelated to the matter.
Therefore, the best thing you can do for your nephew is to make sure that his attorney realizes that you are available as necessary to help in any fashion you can. If the attorney then finds that you can assist (for instance, during sentencing), he/she can then call on you for that help.

I know that this probably isn't entirely what you wanted to hear. However, it's the honest truth and I know you want a truthful answer above all. I hope that you will click accept so that I am paid for my time and effort spent providing this information.
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