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How do I find the CHARGES against a person currently in jail.

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How do I find the CHARGES against a person currently in jail. I have his booking number and Superior Court case number.
Yes, the information can be obtained from the Court Clerk and also usually from the jail but it is not usually posted on line.

In that County, it may be posted on line at
if you know the date of the arrest.

The arrest date is usually the same as the booking date or a day or two before- all current inmates' booking dates are listed at if you leave the form blank and click Search.

I hope this information is helpful.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
1. This info is very helpful. Now I see the charge, when before it was to me only hearsay. Having trouble with the abbreviation which starts the charge of "INV FELONY STALKING". What is the 'INV'?

2. I concede this may be question 2. Had heard his 'charges' had been changed. Appears from docket info: Arrested late Mar '11. Next day, order for pretrial release, bail set at $100K. Week after arrest, affadavit/declaration of prob cause, then order determining prob cause. 2 days later state demands discovery. Initially arraigned 2 weeks after arrest and order sets trial date about 7 weeks ahead (7+2=9 wks after arrest). At 5 weeks after arrest, arraigned on amended info, and there is order for Competency Evaluation. Affidavit/Declaration of Prob Cause is Amended resulting in Amended Order Determining Prob Cause. Next day there is a Status Conference/Hearing. Next, Order Staying Proceedings 15 days and authorizing transport to state hospital for Examination. That was about 6 weeks ago. He sits still in county jail.

So.... Does the Arraignment on Amended Information probably mean that the CHARGE was also changed (which is what I had heard--through the grapevine)? In which case I will have to ask the court what the new charge (if any) is (on Tuesday after the fourth holiday). (Having looked at Whatcom County jail and court info, does it seem to you that new CHARGE will not be obtainable on line (since not revealed in docket info published?)

And, going perhaps beyond the info I provide (which is the info I currently have available to me), doesn't the "Amended Info resulting in Amended Declaration of Prob Cause and Amended Order Determining Prob Cause" all seem just a little strange? Or is this maneuver common in court because new information often percolates up into the affairs of man?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Need reply to above info (which the system somehow doesn't want to recognize).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Your system got out of sync and ended up not giving me an answer to the one more question that you promised for the $5 bonus. That Q is in my response shown above in the 6:05 AM EDT answer I gave.... Please answer and make things right. You've so far been a most helpful service, but not leaving completely satisfied is mildly disconcerting after the very nice relationship we were developing (Mr computer AKA N CA Lawyer).

Impressed but leaving (if I have to go on with my life, which I do)somewhat miffed.
Thank you for accepting my answer, and thank you very much for the bonus!

I am sorry for the delay but I cannot be on line 24/7. Please do not be miffed.

It is not uncommon for the State to file an amended information based on new evidence or just based on a new review of the file.

The stalking statute is posted at
Part 5(b)(i) states it is a felony if the defendant has a prior conviction for harassment and (v) refers to the status of the victim. I am not certain what INV stands for but stalking is usually a misdemeanor and INV might refer to why it was charged as a felony.