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Dave Kennett
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hello, this guy had my son to drive him up to his girlfriends

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hello, this guy had my son to drive him up to his girlfriends house and he ended up with a felony b&e and larceny. the guy took my sons hat out of his car and plamed my son for stealing the 4 guns also. that guy is in jail. so the DA wants my son to take a felony probation because his hat and he dropped the guy off. my son didnt go to jail or anything for this rime that the guy did. do you think they can give my son a felony probation when the have no evidence on him?

-Could you explain your situation a little more?
I am having a difficult time understanding what happened. What does your son's hat have to do with anything?

Whose house was broken into?

Where did the guns come from?

How did driving the friend to his girlfriend's house result in a B&E?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it was his friends girlfriends house. they came from her house and also i really dont know why they charged my son with a b&e when they have no eveidence on him.

DearCustomer- Obviously I cannot understand why, based on theses facts, he would have been charged. What he needs to do is get a lawyer or, if he cannot afford a lawyer, ask the court to appoint one. He shouldn't discuss the case with anyone but a lawyer and he should plead not guilty. I don't know who was the victim and I can't see how driving a friend to his girlfriend's house would equal breaking and entering. He definitely needs legal representation to get to the bottom of all of this.

The only possible scenario I can think of is if he was driving the car and the friend broke into a house and then got back in the car your son would be considered an accessory to the crime much like a person driving a getaway car in a bank robbery. In any event he should not plead guilty until all the facts are known and reviewed by an attorney.

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