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Experience:  I have 15 years experience in criminal litigation including several years as a felony prosecutor
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I was under medical duress in March and had been getting harassed

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I was under medical duress in March and had been getting harassed by some folks I work with in the public arena. I had relocated to LA and had not yet gotten my medi-cal and had been to the ER a couple of times. they gave me very inappropriate drugs and sent me home with rx meds I could not take due to the mental reactions I have had in the past. I was also given the wrong testosterone by a local clinic. I was upset with these folks one night that had been harassing me and called an event they were having and said I would just blow them up. I was charged with a misdemeanor of 653m(B)P.C. in Malibu. I now had to relocate to NV to stay with a friend as this cost me my job. The folks pressing charges sent a police report to my job and to all speaking events I had. I live now on my 606$ in SSI. I have limited mobility. I am with my old doctors in NV and they have me back in order and also sent letters to the attny there --- but he does not return my calls since court. I am worried. What can happen to me? I am homeless and am trying to get into disabled housing. I am having to start paying rent in August. I am not in physical condition to do any community service and given the number of appts I have it would be difficult and I am also not able to get back any of the part time teaching work that allowed me to sit or stand or use restrooms as needed and never worked me more than 2 hours at a time -- no one will give me a reference now and I can not find similar work. I am also in no position now to pay fines and fees etc.... and I still owe the attny 1300$ since one person filing charges went to the local police to filesome sort of non criminal complaint and the attny has never called me back on how that went .. and now is not returning calls on this yet -- the misdemeanor hearing was yesterday. Am I going to end up in jail because I am homeless and on SSI and can not afford all this? Or is there a chance that the situation helped minimize the charges? please help. these people took away my entire way to earn money right now. I have left messagess, but my attny does not call.

When an attorney has been retained, he has an ethical obligation to make all court appearances on his client's behalf. While it is a bit disconcerting that he has not returned your calls, I would suggest that it is improbable that he stopped making your court dates.


Having said that, it is imperative that you actually speak with him. I would suggest stepping up your efforts, whether calling by phone, sending an email or even mailing a letter. One way or another, you need to actually get in touch with him to confirm that he is still working the case and to check on case progress.


As to the ultimate outcome, it is a bit difficult to predict. However, assuming you have little to no criminal history, then a likely outcome would include fines and costs and perhaps a short term of probation.


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