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Hello. You have been such help to me in the past and I had

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Hello. You have been such help to me in the past and I had a general knowledge question that I was wondering about and if it is not too much trouble I would like to know the answer. You likely remember recently (May 21) there was a man in California (I believe named Harold Camping) who predicted the end of the world. Many of his followers gave thousands of dollars to him and his cause. They spent countless man hours to get the message out. Can a person such as Camping be sued by one of his followers for the money lost or for the man hours wasted or is Camping protected by the Constitution since one might say he is practicing freedom of religion. Thank you for your answer. This is just something that interested me and I assure you that I will accept you answer. Thanks again and thanks for helping me last night as well :)

He could certainly not be sued for his religious beliefs, because that would be Constitutionally protected. But religious figures and, for that matter, religious institutions can certainly be sued for unlawful actions that have nothing to do with the practice of religion. Think of the Catholic church, for example, and the legal difficulties they have had involving priests and sex offenses against minors.

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