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Is it illegal in any sense to tell lies about

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Is it illegal in any sense to tell lies about yourself or your situation? If you hold yourself out to be something that you are not (to someone you know) such as claiming to be a teacher (not on a job application, just to someone that you know) when you are not a teacher, and telling other white lies like lying about your cousin having been in a car accident in order to avoid a date or to avoid talking to someone, that would be perhaps unethical but never illegal, correct? I mean someone would never have proper cause to sue me in small claims court, any other court, or file charges for these types of lies, correct? I didn't gain in any money sense by my lies. The only thing that could be said is that the woman talked to me on her cell phone (I suppose her cell, could be regular phone but I doubt it) and that could cost money and she could say that she used gas to come and see me. But she never spent money on me or bought me anything. So my question is this.. These lies or similar could never be seen as anything that could get me in trouble, civil or legal, correct? I couldn't be sued for any amount of money and there could be no legal charges for telling such lies? Am I correct about this? I am totally safe?

It's not a crime in and of itself to tell a lie. Try going a whole day only telling the exact truth, and you'll know realize what I mean. It would certainly be criminal to apply for a teaching position and falsify your credentials, or try to collect from an insurance company based on a car accident that never occurred. But you couldn't be sued just for telling someone you were a teacher if you weren't, or for claiming to have a sick relative to get out of a bad date. Whether lying is moral is a whole different issue but most of it is not illegal.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So the issues that I raised.. Those lies, while likely not moral.... They could not get me in any trouble civil or legal, correct? That is what I need clarity on. Thank you so much for your time! I couldn't be sued for someone using her cell phone minutes on me or using gas.. I couldn't be in any trouble, civil or legal, true?

No. I knew someone who always gave his name as being Dr. X when making reservations at restaurants because he thought he'd have a better chance of getting a good table than if he just said Mr.. It's not a crime (and it usually works). These are social white lies. I have been able to leave all kinds of people and places early by saying that I have to go home and walk my dogs. I do have dogs, but they can wait when I really want them to,

These are not crimes.
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