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I have filed multiple charges against my ex husband for threatening

Customer Question

I have filed multiple charges against my ex husband for threatening to kill me, breaking through front door, kicking my car in, etc. I divorced him and he continued to harass me. He was arrested 10 times for public intoxication and recently for a DWI. His drinking was out of control and he self medicated with cocaine and xanax. He came over one day to get his stuff and we verbally argued. I had a job interview so I left my own home. He does not even live here. While we were verbally arguing he called 911 (I had no idea). I left and the police had came. When he came to the door to answer it he had a bloody nose (it was not from me - I never ht him - could be from cocaine use - it always bleeds) and he was high as a kite and tells them I had done this to him. I have charges filed on me! He now admits he made this up because he didn't want me to leave him and he said he was mad. He is not drinking or doing drugs now because he recently got the DWI. What do I do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



I suggest you can have him put his request in writing and mail it to the District Attorney.


Also, you can call them and see if the prosecutor will speak with you. They are under no obligation to unless you file an appearance as pro se. Of course, you want to be careful what you say to the DA as anything your say can be used against you.


And you also might want to tell your attorney or Public Defender the situation and that he does not want to go forward.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Should I get an attorney? I haven't been arrested. I only found out about this because the court sent something to my home for him. When he was drinking/doing drugs he was always make threats to me and I even have them recorded. He was mad because I divorced him and he didn't have his 10 year green card yet. I had to divorce him aa I thought he was going to kill me. I can't even believe that he was so unstable that he actually bloodied his own nose and did this. Now that he is clean he admits to it, but the question is will the DA just drop charges? How does this usually work?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



IF you have not been served with charging documents then you can consider consulting with a local attorney. That way when you are served, you will be ready.


And it is possible an attorney may be able to have the matter dismissed given there were no witnesses to the allegation that you hit him. Remember, the case must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt