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I ned help or just a bit of knowledge on what I sure do to

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I ned help or just a bit of knowledge on what I sure do to help my son that has got into some or may I say alot of trouble. My son has never been in trouble before he is 24 yrs and a ordinary 24 yr old he drinks and parties some. What he did was after being taunted by a guy that was seeing his girlfiend he stupidly drove by the guys house and shot a shot gun in the woods to scare him and it hit his house. No my son was not trying to kill him he was trying to scare him so the guy would leave him alone. These two had been at it for weeks. My son was drinking and taking pain pills because he had been in a wreck the week prior and I honsetly think and know my son that he could have not been thinking clarly for even shooting the gun in the air riding by. He had been dignosed with Chronic depression and I think this could have been a factor as well. I know he did wrong but what is my first step to getting him help for court. I have him in a mental hospital now because he tried to commit suicide the next day after the shooting. He hasd been in a depressiopn for 3 years now. He had lost his job had the wreck and his grirlfriend that just had his baby 4 weeks ago left him for this guy. maybe to much information but My son needs help. I am not rich and I don't know how to help him without an attorney. He turned himself in and was charged with shooting in a occupied dewelling(??) and his bond was $25000.

Since he can't afford an attorney, one should be provided by the court after his first appearance in court. If your county has a public defender's office, you may want to make contact with them and find out what he needs to do in order to secure their representation of him, to make sure his rights are protected at every phase of the process. Otherwise, he will have to make it known to the court that he needs an attorney and can't afford one on his own when he first appears in court, to ensure one is appointed for him.

Actually, by getting him mental health treatment you are helping him greatly. It usually helps to get a better plea if a defendant can show to the court and prosecutor that he is doing something to fix the problem that led to the criminal behavior to begin with. It would also help if he were to get drug and alcohol counseling and anger management as well (I don't know if the hospital provides that or if you can make arrangements for outside treatment), since it seems that that also contributed to the incident.

Both getting a lawyer and getting help will help set him up to get the best possible outcome when this case is resolved in court.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So what do you think the minimum sentence will be. have you heard of A CASE LIKE THIS AND WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME?


Do you know what he was charged with?