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Does a felony arrest warrant ever go away My problem started

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Does a felony arrest warrant ever go away?

My problem started as a civil matter. Basically I had possession of a home, then someone else came back at me for problems they were tending to, and problems I had fixed, but then they got the DA involved and now I have a felony arrest warrant in a county in CA that is about 4 hours away from me. I am just wondering....will this EVER go away? Basically I guess you could say its for 'rent skimming' but I have so many facts that support my case...I know the felony would be dropped...I spent 20 thousand dollars on a home, fixed it up, rented it out to get my money back, I am still in debt for 2,300K because after 4 years an heir came back to the property. The home was seriously a drug den....code enforcement was on it, bumbs/prostitutes were hanging around, it was a home that would be a home owners worst nightmare to live next to and I improved it, painted it, spent a ton of money on it (with intentions of owning it through a legal squatters right law) and then the guy came back....I handed him the keys the possession...a working functionable house, but now I have a felony arrest warrant for 'improving a property'.....anyhow....will this ever go away? Im planning on just going to talk to a judge and deal with this head on....but I was just wondering if there is a stat of lim on this. Thx
Thank you for your question.

There is no statute of limitations on an arrest warrant. They stay alive until you are found and booked.

That being said, how is there a criminal aspect to this?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have no idea...I could only imagine for 'rent skimming' but I never made any money I simply improved the property with intent of owning it through adverse possession. I hadn't paid the taxes yet....but anyways one night I received some banging on my door from the local police saying they were going to 'bust my door down and to back up' if I didnt come out. Well I didn come out and they didnt bust my door down. They also threatened to tow my car...that was under my carport. So anyways I never received a letter from the courts saying I needed to go to court....isnt that usually standard for them to mail a letter? I called the courts/jails/sherriffs pretty much they all just said 'come down here with your ID and we'll tell you if you have a warrant out and what its for. Other than that I've just been waiting for the courage and the right timing to figure they're going to throw me into the slammer for a few hours till I get bailed out and then work my way through about a years worth of going to court with a public defender until I finally get the case resolved.


What other sort of information/feedback can you give me on this? I will certainly be happy to accept your answer ~ as an outsider what would you say regarding this case? Basically it was civil and then I GUESS it turned criminal? Like I said the home was abandoned for years before, the neighbors said there was no owners, heirs, I checked property records and did legal research, no probate, no relatives on I mean I did a lot of research and searched around. My number was posted to the house for about a year before I did anything to it. Code Enforcement said the house was their worst home on the list and they got calls on it every single day from the neighbors. They said If I didnt fix it up (they knew I was the only one involved) they said they would push it out because an empty lot is easier than an abandoned crackhouse. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is greatly appreciated.

I'm doubting it's criminal - if it was, they would have busted your door down.

As for the response you got regarding the warrant - that's standard. The theory is that if you tell people they have a warrant, they will then try to hide or flee. Even as an attorney, I can't find out if there is a warrant out for the arrest of my client unless I know someone who's willing to give me the information.

Still, plan ahead and have the bail ready just in case. I'm thinking this is more civil than criminal - what you've described doesn't sound remotely criminal to me. It may be of little comfort, however, as I've seen weirder things prosecuted than this.
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