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MYy son is 20years first time offender felony . 19 at the time

Customer Question

MYy son is 20years first time offender felony . 19 at the time of the crime . his past has not history of drug abuse, gang member or any crime what so ever. His character was always described as quiet and respecful. His last year in high school I noticed a drastic change in his character he became very depressed ,and isolated him,self from the family >Whenever I asked for help family and friends told lots of teenagers go through this type of behavior. When I seek professional help I was told he had to ask for help himself.I could
not force him he is not a minor. My son was incarcerated Feb 10 and released on bail July
10. after the incarceration his mental illness got worse he was hospitalized two weeks after
his release. He was placed on klonopin,celexea transodone ,and seroquel for his 24/7
enticement with horrific visions,and thoughts .I have several good character letters and a timeline leading up to the day of the crime. My son has serious remorse and is willing to do whatever necessary to exhibit his remorse to the victim. My son has been living in excruciating pain and he describes himself as being exhausted trying to fight his mental illness. I daughter and I found notes in his room most astoinishing was the journal which
listed over 70 thoughts and visions that go through his brain 24/7. He has alsos written
how he will kill himself. I would like to know what altenative program could the judge give him. No one was killed or injured in the robbery with a bb gun. Alson my son had left the house to prevent talking to his grandfather. I was in desperate need for someone to talk to my son .I knew he would seek help his grandfather had spoke to him. Please help me
my son has already lost a major chunk of his sanity before ,and after incarceration. My
sonn is willing to pay back the victim in any way the judge would allow. If you had to knock on any neighbors door or talk to all his teachers from grade school up they would tell you my son was totally out of character please What would be the best alternative
punishment for my son I am afraid and almost positive he will kill himself in jail. I know the judge has an obligation to the victim .Please help my son
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 6 years ago.
Hello Jacustomer,

I am always sorry to hear of a situation such as yours. Some states do have provisions in their laws for non-incarceratory sentences for troubled first offenders. Generally, they are coupled with treatment options and highly intensive court monitoring. Unfortunately, every defendant who can benefit from something like that is not eligible for it. If the charges are violent, he would likely not be approved for such a program.

Please tell me where your son is (what US state) and what his charge is. Also let me know what the DA's offer is on this case, whether your son is represented by counsel, and what has been going on with this case all this time, since appears it is over a year old.

Then I should be able to give you an answer.