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Hello, Im trying to get some help for a friend. He was arrested

Resolved Question:

Hello, I'm trying to get some help for a friend. He was arrested back in January and could not get bailed out shortly after because there was detainer placed on him for a VOP from another county. The VOP was not for him, and he has been in there ever since representing himself, going to court to clear up the detainer. He went to court on 3/9 and they took teletype fingerprints and sent them to the state. They came back clear and he has documentation of that court visit. I went down last weekend to bail him out thinking the detainer was lifted and I was told it's still showing up in the Orange County Jail computer. I rode 9 hrs and got no help from anyone. The bail bondsmen told me to post bail and all they would do is re-fingerprint him and if everything came back fine he would be released the following Monday which was 3/28. I spoke with my friend and he is now stating that he received some "inside" information on why he wasn't being released and that people in the records department are "padding" his file preventing him from getting released. Apparently there is an issue where he states when he was book initially a few of the people in records or property took several hundred dollars from him and now they are trying to cover it up. I don't know all the specifics of the case, I just need to know about the bail. I was told that there was some law that in FL they have 10 days to release him or do something. I paid $1600 of hard-earned money and I'm concerned. If they aren't going to let him go I need to get my money back from the bondsmen. Please help, I'm so confused...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  CrimDefense replied 6 years ago.

Until the VOP detainer is lifted, he will not be able to get bailed out. As such, if the issue is with Orange County, they are the ones who have to resolve this. If there was a VOP issued, you should contact the probation office up there and have them look into the issue and provide them with the information you have, to show that the wrong violation was filed, on someone who was not related to the case. The county which is holding him on the charge which he got arrested for, will only release him once the violation is lifted.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, thank you. What are the laws in regards XXXXX XXXXX my money back from the bailbondsmen? If this is going to be prolonged, and the bond hasn't been fullfilled I should be able to get my back. I can't even get the guy on the phone and I'm back in SC. Please just tell me the laws that surround this bail issue so I can present them to him for reimbursement.
Expert:  CrimDefense replied 6 years ago.
Based on what I can gather from what you stated, the money you paid the bail bondsman was for the new charge. That $1600 is the fee the company charged. Once the issue with the VOP detainer is resolved, the bail bondsman should then get your friend out. However, if the VOP is still pending and he cant be released, technically, the bail bond company has not bonded out your friend and they may be willing to refund you the money. You should read the agreement you have with them and see what it says about refunds.
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