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Went to the township building I live at to pay my taxes and

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Went to the township building I live at to pay my taxes and hand in some paperwork and the lady and I started to talk about the township supervisors. This township has made my life a living hell the past three years. So I said I hated one of them. When I looked over to the side one of the other workers heard me and asked what was my name. So is it against the law to say you hate the township you live in and hate one of the supervisors. I am sure they are going to tell him.
Hi Jacustomer,

No, you have a right to express your opinion and this is all that you've done. It would be potentially a crime to say, "I hate this town and I'm going to set it on fire." Or "I hate my supervisor and one of these days I am going to kill him." Even if you can't do it/don't mean it, you can actually be charged with making a criminal threat, and since 9/11 they are taken seriously.

But what you have said should not make you civilly or criminally liable. Of course, your supervisor won't like it, but that's not a legal issue.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
what would happen if the lady adds stuff that i did not say. what would happen from there.

I could build a worst case scenario, but I really think that anything like that is pretty unlikely. This is protected speech unless you deliberately tried to disrupt the whole meeting.

You have the person you were talking to in the first place as a witness. I really wouldn't overworry this. We all complain about our government officials. Unless you have some reason I don't see to be unduly concerned, just forget about this.
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