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Ely, Counselor at Law
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My daughter was assaulted by two teenage girls {one is on probation

Customer Question

My daughter was assaulted by two teenage girls {one is on probation for a previous assault
she has been harrassed and intimaded for aprox a month now she was beat up by two girls as well as a friend that was w/her i got a r/o on behalf of my daughter against both girls and parents so did the other girls mom. The school is NOT following the orders on the RO and I do not believe the sheriffs office is either! on top of all this garbge I was told today by the SGT of our local PD that prosecuters do not like these cases because they will be friends again next week! what a load of crap!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Andrea replied 6 years ago.


Hi, and Welcome to JustAnswer, My name is Andrea, I am a licensed, practicing Attorney, I have 25 years experience and would be glad to help

The attorneys on JustAnswer are glad to answer questions and give information, but JustAnswer is not a law firm, so we cannot take on client representation and no attorney-client relationship is formed.


Please keep in mind that the law does not always support our position and although I may not agree with the law, I do not write the law and, therefore, cannot control the outcome, So, please remember that does lessen the time and effort I devoted to researching your question and providing you with an Answer,


The Answer I am providing is information only and does not constitute the practice of law in jurisdictions where I am not licensed to practice. This is a public forum on the internet, so I caution you not to include any personal identifying information

I am sincerely sorry for what your daughter has been subjected to and the non-caring attitudes shown by the school and the police

Q. Please tell me what question you have so that I can help in your situation