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This was federal sentencing. A relative of mine was sentenced

Resolved Question:

This was federal sentencing. A relative of mine was sentenced to 3 years of probation with a special condition that she serve 8 months in community confinement. She has to report to a halfway house next week. Will she be able to get home confinement after a while? Remember this is not a prison transfer to a halfway house, this is a halfway house sentence as a condition of probation. Thanks
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



It is very possible that if she is productive and successful she could be place on home monitoring system for the last couple of months of the halfway house. It is all contingent on how well she does while there.


Many times, they will allow a home monitoring because of space limitations and to open her bed, they will give her the home monitoring. But she must be worthy of it by not causing any trouble and participating in the programs offered.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the answer. There is just not much information out there. Some say, those who are there as a condition of probation are treated differently than those who are prison transfers. Are you 100 % sure on your answer? Thanks again
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



I am 100 percent sure that she MAY be given home monitoring. It will be up to the Probation Agent to decide if she should be moved and given that opportunity or not.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX has been helpful. One more question before I click "accept answer". In what situations are people who are in a halfway house, always confined to a halfway house. Pre trial? Probation violation?

Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



If they are not showing any progress, is the main reason.


A violation such as a dirty urine or something of that nature would have the probation terminated and the sentence that was suspended would be imposed, which could be incarceration.


Most offenders are given the halfway house opportunity because the Court finds something that says they deserve that chance.



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